Pushing to Mozilla Central

One of the tricky things about working on Firefox is that Mozilla uses Mercurial as the official SVM. The code is hosted at http://hg.mozilla.org/.

If you would like to keep your git workflow, there is a git clone on github. And it is easy to clone it.

If you would like to build firefox, you need to add some glue to the underlying mercurial repo because many of the build tools reference the underlyng mercurial shas. There’s a tool called cinnabar for that and cinnabarify for getting setup.

Pushing to mozilla central from git can be a huge pain. So here are the steps I’ve used.

g co bookmarks/inbound
g cp stuff
g fetch mozilla
g rebase mozilla/inbound
g push mozilla

Here’s what it looks like when it works:

Don’t ask about the rejection :)

13 Mar 2018