CSS Transpiling - Lets create the future together

It looks like CSS transpiling is here and that’s a very good thing for CSS.

Transpiling will let the community try out new official spec features and experiment with other crazy ideas.

The PostCSS project looks like the most popular css transpiler. There are already +500 plugins in NPM.

postcss-loader, postcss-helpers, postcss-opacity, postcss-color, postcss-importanter, postcss-mixins, postcss-circle, postcss-inherit, postcss-calc, postcss-focus, postcss-rows, postcss-urlrewrite, postcss-hide, postcss-functions, postcss-position, postcss-epub, postcss-csssimpl, postcss-constant

Some projects have started using PostCSS plugins to create a unified set of features. Other projects are using it to design their preferred semantics, like local css scopes.

I’d like to see how frameworks like SASS and LESS adapt to CSS transpiling. I’d also like to see what the intermediate CSS representation is. Is there an AST that can be passed around? Is it just text?


There tons of examples of transpiling CSS, but here’s a small sample:

Automagical responsive typography

.foo {
  font-size: responsive;

Native clearfix

.foo {
  clear: fix;

Input pseudo-elements

input[type="range"]::track {
  height: 2px;

CSS Modules (Project)

A CSS Module is a CSS file in which all class names and animation names are scoped locally by default.

CSS Modules compile to a low-level interchange format called ICSS or Interoperable CSS, but are written like normal CSS files:

Rucksack (Project)

Rucksack makes CSS development less painful, with the features and shortcuts it should have come with out of the box.

19 Aug 2015